Monday, July 9, 2012


I went camping and I played soccer i made alot of goals but I got really hurt.And I played football with Brock It was so fun and when it was night time we went to bed i slept on the top bunk by myself.When i woke up i made my bed and had breakfeast and went outside.When I went outside i caught lots of grasshopers with my friends.I played soccer again for a little bit.Then we had lunch so we traveled to Bear Lake and ate at the Bear Cave then we traveled all the way back to our trailor.When we came back we caught more grasshopers then we went on a hike with my dad we found mean caterpillers that bit us.We went back to our trailor and ate dinner it was really yummy.After we did Kareokee it was fun i sung 4 songs bearnisesities,crazy train,national anthem,a soopful of suger.Then we went to bed i had to sleep with maggie daisey slept on the top bunk.the next day we went home.